Melinda on vacation and it's such a relief

There are only three of us on our team, and one is a total mess-up (I was going to use a cuss word because that's how #incompetent #ignorant #unqualified she is).

What a relief to not have to go back into reports and constantly remind you missed this, that or the other. Literally, stupid things like your date is off, your initials are missing, your numbers way off (we're talking about dollar charges here, and of course, any decimal off is going to throw off all the stats).  

She is the reason we have multiple QA processes going. 

She is oblivious to everything, even with all our Excel sheets formatted to show as RED if an error is happening.

I've resolved to just email her or bring it up in the weekly huddle (Sue the manager schedules them)  because there is simply no attempt to learn or understand, regardless of what she says.

I don't care if you think you have #ADHD because that's totally not anything official, just her own lame excuse again for messing up ALL.THE.DAMN.TIME.

So even with just two of us working on regular reports is not difficult, but there are times each month where there are time-critical reports due. Only Amanda & I work on any other reports. 

She used to be the go-fer and lunch ordering person for meetings. 

Wikipedia:  gofer, go-fer or gopher /ˈɡoʊfər/ is an employee who specializes in the delivery of special items to their superior(s). Examples of these special items include a cup of coffee, a tailored suit, and a car

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Mom's 86 birthday is today!

We are celebrating Mom's 86th birthday tonight with her favorite things: 

A half Pig's head fried

Vegetarian Kare-kare



I got several slices of cake during my lunch hour from Bakers and Baristas: Blueberry crunch, Fruity pebble tres leches, a banana/coffee tart thing (they called it Banoffee).

Since I was out, I got a lunch special to go from Tampopo — that was a bad choice — the combo I got had two indelible pieces of sushi — not the rolls but the fish itself was horrible.

More stupidity at work

I know I keep ranting about the utter lack of comprehension by Melinda, her lack of motivation (it seems) to learn, or even to try learning without being spoonfed step by step.

She truly is the poster child for #incompetence #untrainable #underqualified for this work.

Yesterday was a real doozy:

I opened the High $/High qty weekly report and she had somehow SCREWED up yet again. 

1. She had duplicated all her entries so the number was driven up to 119 when it was really only 76. 

I called her right after I noticed this at 1436, so she could fix it.

2. I checked again at 1455, and there were STILL gaps in the orders (one account had no info other than the patient's name. I literally asked if this was supposed to be deleted while sharing my screen and she said yes, so I did).

3. when I checked again at 1514, I ended up calling her, sharing my screen, while talking her through every step of deleting her portion of the report, moving it to another tab just so she could MAKE SENSE OF HER OWN DAMN charge releases. 

we were on this open single task for 38 minutes and she just could not get what she did incorrectly  — turns out the entire time we were on the call, she never downloaded the data/report.

I have no FUCKING clue how she missed the very first step of downloading data but she did. 

Once a charge is released in the system it "vanishes" from any WQ. No way to recover that information unless I ran yet another report.

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Work BS: Why is Melinda snooping in the high$ reports?

This Monday & Tuesday , Amanda has gone out sick. Originally, she had requested Wednesday Off for ETO .

As usual dividing the workload is never an even proposition. When I logged in, I asked Melinda what reports she had taken, naturally the easiest and shortest one. Since it was Monday, no sense switching out on Tuesday. But she made that choice without asking me,

So tit for tat, I TOLD her I wasn't doing the bulk charges on Wednesday but only the High $ High Quantity reports. 

When I logged in today (Tuesday) the reports were showing as last accessed by her: 

Snooping in my reports
Snooping in my reports
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I call Robin to request a backyard renovation consult

The lady (Robin) who sold us the #butterfly habitat had given Andrea a card with $50 off consultation.

I really liked the photo she had on the card (vegetable raised garden beds with a trellis) since I kind of am leaning toward something similar. She also said she is a "Master Gardener" so I have a bit more faith in what she can recommend.

Side note: her "website" listed on the card did not look real nor was it even in working order. 

I also have this idea of a backyard #pizza #oven — maybe that's a bigger and costlier project but why not — we've lived in this house for 44 years and have never really done much to the back. 

When I was younger, it was a #rose #garden but I don't know when we lost that garden to whatever nature took over. 

We also had three Santa Rosa plum #trees — but they all got infested with some type of termite or other fruit #wood-borers that destroyed them. They were very productive and had excellent fruit — so much that we used to toss barrels of fruit in the trash each week when they were in full season, after already having brought boxes of the fruit to work to give away.

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Blooms for a pollinator garden

I bought more plants for the backyard, with the idea of organizing the entire yard to attract more pollinators.

Right now, we have lots of bees and hummingbirds, with at least a daily visit from butterflies, most of them feeding on the lemon tree in the back and the blooms of the plant I keep calling a wood orchid (not really sure what it's called).

Statice (Limonium sinuatum), Lantana (Lantana camara) , Milkweed (Asclepias), Alstroemeria (also called Peruvian Lily)
Statice (Limonium sinuatum), Lantana (Lantana camara) , Milkweed (Asclepias), Alstroemeria (also called Peruvian Lily)
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Seeking inspiration for a backyard makeover, the opioid crisis, and other musings

For many years, I've been the type to stick pieces of succulents that broke off from the garden areas of wherever I might have been: the big box store or someone's backyard. I guess these thrive TOO well since I generally leave them be.

In the past couple of weeks, I just have wanted to re-do the whole backyard: the aloes and jade plants have practically overtaken the entire growing spaces and gotten what I call "jungle wild".

My original inspiration was to follow the desert garden I visited in Scottsdale a few years ago. But the Barrel cactus and others I did purchase from there died off. 

But everything else that was in Cali thrived: aloes which I broke off from Mario's plant he had left outside along the shared walkway years ago, just naturalized and took over so much space. The reason for the prickly plants was to stop the big dog Anubis from digging because he would dig holes large enough to fit the biggest-sized pots I have — about 25 inches across!!

ALl the kalanchoes I ever received as a Mother's day gift or again fallen leaves were self-propagating too. Those ones were in pots usually, so no issue of being overgrown. 

The front yard jades, money tree, Echeverria succulents — all overgrown. 

Today I asked Mario to clean up the browned poppies. I picked some seed pods to spread /grow IN POTS — no more wild & crazy growing. I told his wife Gabby to keep some pods for her front yard — she often asks how we have them every spring. 

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